Since the pandemic, working remotely has become far more common as employers ditch their offices in favour of virtual meetings. Maybe you’re visiting London for pleasure but need to get some work done during your stay. Perhaps you’ve got some meetings in London and need somewhere to stay with space to answer emails. Or, maybe you’re looking for somewhere to live in London and need somewhere to function as both a temporary home and office. 

If any of the above apply to you, there’s no doubt that it can be challenging to find an ideal place where you can get some peace and quiet while still having access to all the necessary amenities. But don’t worry – take the stress out of it all with these five top tips for working from home in a short-stay apartment in London.

1. Choose your location wisely 

When looking for an apartment to rent, take into account factors such as proximity to public transportation links and nearby shops or restaurants. This will save you valuable time when commuting between meetings or running errands during lunchtime breaks. Additionally, consider how much noise is coming from outside like traffic or construction sites; this could affect your productivity levels, ability to concentrate on important tasks at hand and, most importantly, your sleep! 

2. Make sure the equipment works for you

Double-check that any furniture pieces you’ll use within the apartment are comfortable yet ergonomic enough for long hours spent sitting down at them (e.g., office chairs). Also, think about investing in noise-cancelling headphones if background sounds become too distracting throughout the day, including traffic or roadworks nearby.

3. Create a dedicated workspace 

Having an area designated solely for work helps keep distractions at bay by separating it physically from other parts of living spaces used mainly for leisure activities (e.g., TV watching or sleeping). Plus, setting up shelves/cabinets near desks allows easy access to items needed regularly without cluttering up desktops themselves. Remember, a tidy desk equals a tidy mind!

4. Take regular breaks throughout the day

Taking regular breaks throughout each day helps maintain focus levels by giving the mind a chance to rest and recharge itself before tackling the next task ahead – something especially beneficial for those who tend to suffer burnout quickly due to long hours spent glued to computer screens without taking proper care themselves. 

5. Check in regularly with colleagues, friends and family  

Working from home can be a great way to stay productive and get things done, but it can also lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Checking in with colleagues, friends and family is an important part of staying connected while working remotely. It’s essential for maintaining good mental health, fostering relationships, increasing productivity levels and ensuring that everyone feels supported. Dropping your colleague a simple text message asking how their day has been or catching up with friends and family will make a huge difference to your mental health and well-being.

By following these simple steps, anyone working remotely in a short-stay apartment will soon find they have created an efficient workspace/home-from-home which not only increases productivity but also provides comfort and convenience along the way too – making remote working much smoother and enjoyable experience!