Gone are the days of tourism’s original demographics when operators and hospitality groups categorised people into genders, age groups, locations and income brackets. As travel has developed, so have the people going travelling and the industry is noticing that they are far more than just a number on a spreadsheet – they have very specific sets of needs and desires from their holiday. Read on for the latest on 2023’s travel demographics.

In 2023, travellers have said that the things they’re most excited about are being able to get to destinations faster, travelling more sustainably and using technology to ease travel plans.

On the other hand, travellers are also concerned about political instability in destinations, data privacy when booking and affordability, especially when travelling sustainably means higher costs. 

The way people are travelling is impacted more and more by outside forces. A long time ago, travellers would simply fly somewhere new and explore a few of the most famous sights. Now, factors such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, technology, sustainability and undiscovered destinations are changing what people want from trips. 

The Flexible Adventurer

Following the pandemic, more and more people are working remotely and this has given rise to digital nomadism. Although some companies still require employees to work set hours, the pandemic allowed many people the opportunity to start their own businesses or request more flexibility from their employers.

These types of travellers are happy to pack up their laptops on a whim, be spontaneous and think little about what might happen on their travels. 

The unknown is exactly what makes it exciting. As long as there’s a strong internet and lots of people around, flexible travellers likely won’t book through tour companies or third parties, as they want to discover new places on their own.

Many of the people who fit this bracket, particularly those who run their own businesses, earn medium to high salaries, giving them even more freedom to choose new activities and adventures whenever they want.

Based on their flexible working, however, they are also the biggest candidates for booking longer-term stays in rental properties, from where they can have a stable home base in their new destination. Currently, up to 25% of travellers meet these characteristics but this is likely to grow over time. 

The Golden Age Traveller

A new type of traveller is emerging and surprisingly, they aren’t actually new at all. More and more people are keen to enjoy travel as it once was, without technology and over-tourism. Preferring to visit authentic destinations, often independently, these people head to untouched off-the-beaten-track destinations so that they can do more things in person, such as book local tours, buy local products and have a real local impact – sustainability also plays a big factor in their decisions.

While many of these travellers are naturally part of an older generation who remember days of travel before technology and super-fast flights, younger people are also falling into this category who don’t want travel plans laid out before them and don’t want to watch a virtual reality version of their destination. 56% of these types of travellers are actively concerned about where the travel and tourism industry is heading in the next decade.

Tech Entrepreneurs & Influencers  

Made up largely of the younger generation, who have grown up with Instagram, TikTok and AI, this demographic usually works in the tech space or is keen to learn more – about AI, VR, cryptocurrencies or other futuristic technology. They often work for themselves remotely, in fact, 75% of this group travel specifically for work, and this is often where they blend into influencer territory. Influencers tend to travel often, staying in one destination for a couple of weeks at a time. 

For both of these groups, technology provides their lifestyle, but this means they rely on it heavily. When booking trips, they prefer things to be planned in advance: good hotels and apartments, strong internet, local co-working spaces and plenty of ‘Instagrammable’ opportunities.

Sustainability also ranks highly on their list of needs, but it’s not a deal breaker. So far only around 15% of travellers fall into this group but new tech and new social media platforms mean this will grow exponentially. 

The Classic Traveller

Classic travellers make up 43% of all travellers and a huge majority are between the ages of 23- 41. These travellers are naturally, young or middle-aged individuals, couples and families, who are looking for a great, fun holiday to make the most of their annual leave.

These people will use all of the big booking sites, be influenced by new hotel openings and up-and-coming destinations and are likely to splash out more on holiday extras when they arrive as they may go on a big holiday only once or twice per year. Because most of these travellers live with a partner, children or pets, they often have more money to spend on holidays. 

However, this also means they prefer to have a solid plan in place so that both adults and kids have plenty to see and do on the trip, they know where to eat and where to stay, and most importantly – based on reviews; they know they’re going to have an amazing time. Surprisingly, these tourists don’t shy away from technology, in fact, anything that makes booking and planning a trip easier is a positive. 

Nestor For Everyone

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The Carlyle

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