Travel guides don’t always mention the unique travel experiences that die-hard devotees of London love about our city. We’re always in search of all kinds of experiences that can make your stay here even more special. It could be a day trip to a natural park or perhaps an immersive experience that transports you to another world. Here are some of our favourite, unique travel experiences that you’ll only find in the place we hope you’ll call home (if even for a short while) – West London.

Fashion Experiences

Fashion Experiences

London is one of the world’s most famous centres of historic and modern-day fashion. It only boasts some of the most innovative and trend-setting designers and shops, as well as fashion exhibitions, talks, and other events all year round.

V&A Permanent Fashion Exhibition

V&A Permanent Fashion Exhibition

The Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the world’s most historic art and design museums. Best of all, it’s home to a permanent fashion collection that spans five centuries of human creativity in the world of fashion.

Here you’ll find iconic pieces that have influenced style for generations, from such designers as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Cristóbal Balenciaga and many others.

It’s also the single largest fashion collection in the world, housing items such as 17th-century gowns, ancient Egyptian footwear, 1930s evening wear, and 1960s post-war couture. Entry to the museum’s permanent collections is completely free, and if you suddenly feel inspired to create an even more stylish you, there are plenty of shops in the area too!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Few cities in the world can rival London when it comes to shopping for your wardrobe. Whether you spend the day in a luxury department store such as Harvey Nichols or Selfridges, hit the high streets for brand-name sales, or take a wander through fashionable street markets such as Portobello Road Market, it seems there’s something striking around every corner of London’s most fashionable West.

Vintage Fashion Fair, Hammersmith 

For nearly twenty years Hammersmith has been drawing in fashion lovers from all corners of the globe to attend this truly unique West London affair, often billed as the “Rolls-Royce” of vintage fashion fairs. 

Vintage fashion dealers from around the world gather under one roof to offer treasured and highly-coveted items, which span from the 1800s through to the 1980s. You’ll find everything you could want, including handbags, textiles, gowns, jewellery, and even vintage fashion magazines, all at a seriously attractive price for what you’re getting.

The fair brings a magical atmosphere to this fashionable London district, and its informal air never detracts from the high standards maintained by the organisers and tradespeople. Held every five to six weeks, it’s a must-stop attraction for fashion lovers, students, or old-soul trend-spotters.

Explore London’s Spectacular Natural Landscapes

London may be one of Europe’s largest cities, but a concrete jungle it certainly isn’t. In fact, more than 40% of the city is dedicated to parks and green spaces, making it one of the greenest capitals in the world. 

Nowhere is this more incredibly apparent than in South-West London, where the picturesque Richmond Park and Kew Gardens offer stunning city escapes you won’t believe exist in the heart of this major city.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park

Strolling through Richmond Park is an experience like no other, offering a unique blend of natural tranquillity mixed in with moments of childlike surprise. As you amble through the deep woodlands, ancient trees and lush natural gardens, there’s a good chance you’ll spot some of the famed Richmond Park deer! Yep, wild deer in London, roaming freely around the 2,500 acres of this pristine natural reserve, just like you.

Everything in the park has been immaculately preserved since the Victorian era, including the trails and historic buildings, so a roam around Richmond Park really is a walk through history!

What’s more, it’s easy to make a day of the trip to Richmond by visiting some of the well-known natural attractions nearby, such as Kew Gardens…

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

We can’t talk about green escapes in London without mentioning one of the jewels in its leafy crown, Kew Gardens – it’s simply incredible!

A botanic garden with more than eight million different plants and fungi, Kew Gardens is considered one of the largest and most diverse collections of living plants in the world. 

It includes a giant arboretum, delicately manicured Japanese Landscapes, special gardens for grass and rock, and a children’s garden with interactive spaces to run, jump and explore.

There’s also the Treetop Walkway: a path built through the uppermost branches of the garden’s highest trees, giving you an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the secret life of a very special forest. 

Kew Gardens is simply a wonderful place to get away and breathe in some nature in the corner of the city. If you’re not already pooped from all that deer spotting in Richmond Park, you can easily spend the whole day wandering these historic grounds.

Laughter all night long in West London’s Comedy Clubs

Non-Stop Laughter In West London’s Comedy Clubs

West London is home to some of the best comedy clubs on either side of the Atlantic, where rising stars are born and where big-name talents shine under the lights. 

The South Kensington Comedy Club 

Among our favourite comedy spots is The South Kensington Comedy Club, which features first-time up-and-comers and established acts for a night guaranteed to be packed full of laughter. 

Situated at the Hoop and Toy pub, comedy nights tend to feature 12 acts from the capital’s comedy circuit, a smash-hit with Londoners and visitors alike. If you’re looking to turn the tap on the old endorphins, you can’t beat these shows on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening.

Instant Laughs, Hammersmith 

There’s also Instant Laughs in Hammersmith, which promises a fantastic evening of comedy in a smaller and more intimate setting. With 10 to 12 fresh comedy performers starting at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s a fast-paced and gloriously varied evening, with a distinct vibe that makes it stand out from other comedy shows in London. Well worth a visit! 

London is one of the world’s most famous centres of historic and modern-day fashion. It only boasts some of the most innovative and trend-setting designers and shops, as well as fashion exhibitions, talks, and other events all year round.

Immersive Experiences

It seems there’s never been a better time to officially check out of this crazy reality and check into a jazzier (but equally kooky) world of new possibilities. In West London, you’ll find immersive experiences designed to transport you to new realms full of exploration, fun and escapism.

Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Experience

Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Experience

This astonishing 360° digital art exhibition invites you to step into the universe of one of history’s greatest visionaries and experience the brilliance of his art like never before.

This groundbreaking experience uses state-of-the-art video projection technology to bring the Dutch master’s most celebrated works to life. Gaze up through his masterpiece, Starry Night (Van Gogh’s depiction of the east-facing window of his asylum room). Or walk between rows of his famous painted sunflowers as every brushstroke comes bursting into life. 

You’ll also learn about the history of Van Gogh in a whole new way, with a virtual-reality experience that reveals the inspiration and magic behind the madness.

Money Heist: The Experience

Money Heist: The Experience

What better way to escape the drudgery of normal, mundane life than to take part in your very first international heist?  

Featuring astonishing special effects and full of unexpected surprises, Money Heist: The Experience is hosted in the old Christie’s auction house in South Kensington.

This live-action immersive experience involves audience members being recruited by Netflix’s most notorious band of burglars for an adrenaline-fueled mission to pull off a series of thefts on international targets. 

Actors and audience team up as one as you infiltrate international landmarks, break into vaults and take part in live-action gunfights, all while sporting the original blood-red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali mask. 

Jam-packed full of physical and mental challenges, and with more plot twists than ever before, you’re bound to be captivated the whole way through! 

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