No innovation has revolutionised the travel and tourism industry more so than the intro of AI. The question is, could AI change and impact the travel and hospitality industry? Read on for our thoughts on the matter.

The seemingly futuristic technology of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has been creeping up on us for some time. The issue is, most assumed we were (light)years away from seeing the adoption of AI and Machine Learning take place.

But seemingly overnight – although in reality, it has been years in the making – we’re already in a world where AI-powered technology exists for almost any task.

Although there are certainly robots in existence – like the ones spotted in high-tech Japanese restaurants and even our Roomba vacuum cleaners, AI is currently fully computer-based. From sites like ChatGPT to apps which generate AI artworks, a computer being able to write, draw and create things has an impact on every industry. The question is, will it have an impact on the travel industry? There are two chains of thought on the subject and how AI might have an impact.

How can AI be used?

On the extreme end of the scale, it could be possible that one day almost everything will be done by AI. After all, if AI can create a website, write copy and generate images, is there still any need for web developers, copywriters and photographers or artists? However, at least within the travel industry, this is not the direction businesses want to go in. 

Not only does AI still currently lack the key ingredient of emotional intelligence, but it isn’t at the stage where it can produce perfect results, so humans are still needed to check over its work. This is mainly because the text and images created by AI are just an amalgamation of thousands, if not millions, of similar results it has pulled from the internet and combined to make something ‘unique’. 

For travel industry professionals, there is far more interest in the amount of data AI Is able to take in and what it could predict. Already, AI is used to personalise customer groups on hotel, flight and booking websites, but industry leaders are keen to scale this further. Providing AI tools with as much data as possible could lead people to be given perfect holidays. 

It is viable that customers could input what their dream holiday or hotel should be, and not only will artificial intelligence be able to put together the perfect itinerary, but everything will be booked and ready to go for you, without having to use multiple sites and research tools. This is also great news for travel agents, who could streamline their workflows by tailoring holidays to individuals.

Will AI replace humans?

AI + human intelligence

For those questioning whether artificial intelligence will mean fewer and fewer jobs for real people, the consensus is that this is not the case. Instead, AI will be used to make everyone’s roles more efficient, such as in customer service and travel booking. It will also be used to attract more staff into the travel and hospitality industry, as AI analyses more and more information about the kind of jobs people apply for, and more importantly, the benefits and perks that people are keener to have. 

As AI becomes more and more ‘intelligent’ we’re quickly moving on from the world of annoying customer service bots with just a few pre-programmed answers. Soon, AI will be able to aid in customer service and give people personalised help, whether they need to change their hotel booking or want to book an airport transfer. has also said they are looking into using AI to make it easier for customers to book properties and car rentals abroad, particularly when there is a language barrier. There is still the worry that AI such as Chat GPT could replace content creators who produce writing, copy and images and a select few companies have already decided to use it to kit out their websites. 

However, as mentioned, ChatGPT combines a variety of source information from the internet, which firstly, is not always accurate, and secondly is not always up to date. This means humans still have the advantage of real-time knowledge, as well as real-world experience that can produce stories. 

AI for good

On the other hand, AI’s intake of such large amounts of data could actually be good news for everyone in the travel industry, from hoteliers to content creators and booking sites. The data Ai absorbs is at such a large scale that it is a fairly accurate way of analysing future trends. 

This is already in use to some extent, but in the future properties, travel sites and publications and airlines will be able to see well in advance if people are beginning to take an interest in a new destination, style of travel, mode of transport or accommodation option. This way they can target their marketing as well as create new programs or experiences to fit with the predictions, which should attract more customers. 

Currently, almost every company in the tourism and hospitality industry is analysing what AI could mean for their business, whether it could, unfortunately, lead them to cut costs on hiring for jobs that could be replaced with tech, or on a positive note, it could solve staff shortages, attract more customers and streamline processes and therefore make them more money.

At the moment, it seems like the latter is the most likely but it may take a few more years to see the true capabilities and pitfalls of AI within the industry.

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