Looking for some sustainable gift ideas this Christmas?

Christmas is quickly approaching and this year, instead of rushing around doing last-minute shopping, why not consider giving some thoughtful, eco-friendly gifts?

Not only will your presents have a personal touch, but you can rest assured that they’ll last forever and you’re helping the environment at the same time. Gifts don’t need to be material either; experiences can be just as wonderful as physical gifts so that your loved ones will have memories to last forever. 

If you are keen on giving something physical, why not make it yourself? The person receiving the gifts is certain to appreciate the time and effort that went into making it, and you can personalise it just for them. 

Read on for the #NestorGuide for gift ideas if you’re looking to be more sustainable this Christmas.

Plant a tree

You might not have considered planting a tree as a gift, but it can be an extremely thoughtful present. Not only does it help save the planet, but planting a tree for someone means that if taken care of correctly, it will grow year after year so that they have something that lasts forever.

This is a great idea for very small children or babies too, who generally don’t need large gifts and will be able to grow up with the tree. Similarly, giving a plant can be an equally great idea, whether the recipient already has green fingers, or has never had a plant before. Did you know that every time you book a stay with Nestor, we plant a tree? A gift like this may be small, but can have a huge impact and lasts into the future. 

Handmade Gifts

Making a gift yourself is one of the easiest and most sustainable things you can do this holiday season. There’s a whole host of things you can choose from, whether you want to start small and handmake your own Christmas cards, or put your hidden talents to use on something bigger. Some excellent handmade gift ideas include creating a scrapbook, recording a heartfelt video message or making a personalised playlist.

You could also invite your friend or loved one to spend the day with you and organise a fun activity such as playing board games or you could volunteer your time to help them out, such as by babysitting or helping to tidy up. 

If you’re one of those lucky people who happens to be great at a creative skill such as drawing, painting or building, these can also be put to use for handmade presents. Giving someone a painting or drawing, handmaking them a gift such as a Christmas wreath or building something small out of wood if you have the tools, are all gifts that require skill and will be much appreciated by the person receiving them. 

Book a staycation

If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, instead of jetting off to a distant country which is not environmentally friendly, consider booking a holiday closer to home with your loved ones. You could book a short spa break or a weekend in the capital as a relaxing treat at Christmas time.

If you stay with Nestor, not only will you be in the heart of London, but our apartments all have sustainable and eco-friendly products stocked inside, so your entire stay will be guilt-free. Even if you can’t quite organise a big weekend away, there are plenty of options closer to home. If you have kids and a garden, consider buying a tent, decking it out with cushions and fairy lights, and camping in your own garden.

You don’t need to stay overnight either; day trips are an ideal gift that doesn’t require much effort or money and is always appreciated. You could take a friend on a long walk out in nature, prepare a picnic to enjoy together in a nearby park or head to the beach if you live near the coast. 

If you’re travelling from London, booking a stay with Nestor will ensure both your time in London and your holiday transfers will be as comfortable and smooth as possible.

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Cook A Delicious Meal

Everyone loves a wonderful home-cooked meal, so why not make your loved ones something delicious for Christmas? You could invite your friend or family member over and host a Christmas dinner party, or visit them at home to make something special. Whether you cook a traditional roast or one of your own specialities, they’re certain to appreciate to love you’ve put into the dish.

If you’re better with sugar than vegetables, baked goods always go down well as gifts. As a tasty and quick present, you could whip up brownies, gingerbread or even a Christmas pudding. The beauty of baked gifts is you can prepare them in advance, and you can also account for anyone who might have food allergies or is vegan. 

At Nestor, you’ll find some sustainable treats already waiting for you at our properties, such as delicious Borden’s crisps. If you’re visiting the capital on holiday, you can also ask us to stock the fridge with lots of goodies for when you arrive, so you can have your very own Christmas spread.

Not to mention, Nestor properties are just a short walk from some of the best local markets in London. Head to Notting Hill or Earl’s Court farmer’s markets to pick up fresh cheeses, fruits and meat and have a locally sourced meal with your loved ones. 

Sustainable brands

Within Nestor properties, we use lots of sustainable brands and their products can make great gifts for loved ones. Bath and body products are always a hit at Christmas, so consider getting some luxury toiletries from Noble Isle, whose products are all vegan, cruelty-free and recyclable- we particularly love their range of body lotions and scrubs.

You can also browse for some eco-friendly presents at Cole & Co, who sell locally made soaps, candles and diffusers. One of the most popular gifts you can give is a relaxing massage or spa treatment, and you can find a range of luxurious options over at Urban. You could gift someone a deep tissue massage, a manicure or even an osteopathy session, and if you book through Nestor, you’ll even get 10% off. 

We ensure all of the brands we work with are both ethical and sustainable, which is why you’ll find their products throughout all of our properties. Consider a weekend away for Christmas with all your sustainable wishes rolled into one, with great local food, sustainable products and a wealth of outdoor activities on offer in the capital.