In this article, we explore the sustainability trends that are being embraced all across the globe.

Looking at the past year, sustainability has become one of the biggest focal points in the hospitality industry. Travellers have confirmed that they are willing to pay more for sustainable travel going forward and are keen on sustainable holidays, and the industry is already listening. 

From reducing carbon footprints to convincing people to actually stay on holiday longer; hotels are certainly approaching this new eco-friendly era in very different ways. However, there are a number of trends that stand out and could soon be the norm throughout the industry no matter where in the world you decide to check-in. 

Virtual Business Events

Conferences, meetings and events, unfortunately, have a negative environmental impact due to many large businesses, particularly those located in Asia and the United States, requiring participants to attend in person. This often leads to people flying domestically or even internationally to attend these meetings. Hotels and businesses that host events such as these are focusing on reducing the carbon footprint by encouraging train travel wherever possible, and asking more people to attend virtually. 

Limiting in-person attendee numbers is also set to come into force, especially if people attending are only flying in for a single meeting or conference, for which they could dial in virtually. Rules are already being implemented to limit those who fly in and out for a single day, which causes unnecessary carbon output.

However, this trend may be slow to show in many parts of the world, as in-person networking has returned following the pandemic and some argue that the value of a face-to-face meeting cannot be replicated via video conferencing. 

In-house Sustainability

The future is already here in countries such as Singapore, where leading hotel brands such as Marina Bay Sands, and the luxury Fairmont & Swissôtel, The Stamford are aiming to be self-reliant. At The Stamford, the hotel has its own aquaponics farm, where fish and vegetables are grown for use in their restaurants. They also use filtered water throughout much of the hotel, have motion sensors to switch off any lights when no movement is detected, and an automatic waste system in the kitchens which turns food waste into compost. 

All of this has a strong positive environmental impact and is an attractive feature to advertise to potential guests, who are reassured by the global impact of their stay. This is just one demonstration of similar ventures throughout Asia, with many countries such as Japan and China exploring the idea of vertical farming, which allows fruit and vegetables to be grown upwards and in buildings. This could lead to more hotels and businesses implementing similar practices to keep products local and in-house. 

Long-term, Slow Travel

It may be a surprising contradiction to consider that people going on holiday for longer may actually benefit the environment, however in remote destinations, particularly islands, this can often be an ideal way of reducing guests’ carbon footprints. Island resorts, popular with luxury and high-end travellers, require small planes and boats to reach the properties, both of which produce high carbon emissions. 

Hotels are aiming to convince guests to stay longer, rather than frequently using these modes of transportation; instead spending more time on islands where they can relax and have almost no negative environmental impact. 

In fact, one some island resorts around the world, guests can actively help the environment through programmes that allow them to plant new coral reefs, protect endangered turtle hatchlings or help out by planting fruit and vegetables at an onsite garden. This is a similarly huge trend – guests are searching not just for travel that is sustainable, but holidays where they can actively make a difference. The hotels already implanting this are already ahead of the curve. 

Simple Changes

It may not be new or ground-breaking, but for the hospitality businesses who can’t quite manage to install their own farm, simple changes are the way forward. Motion sensor lights and showers, automated heating and air-conditioning controls and less frequent cleaning of linens in hotel rooms are all already making a huge positive difference to the environment. Guests are equally impressed by ultra-modern processes as they are by straightforward additions, such as reusable toiletries, recycled products and locally sourced food. 

The biggest issue this trend is facing is that while many hotels are already implementing these changes, to make a real difference the change needs to be industry-wide. Although some branches of the hospitality and travel industry are on board, certain areas are yet to catch up to the idea of eco-friendly travel. 

Green Transportation

While it may be unrealistic to think people are ditching aeroplanes altogether, eco-friendly transportation options are certainly on the rise. In a macro sense, this has led to more holidays made by train or cruise, which allow travellers to see more of the place they’re visiting. The trend is even more apparent when we examine it up close, however. Rather than tours where travellers are shuttled around by coach, active holidays are seeing a resurgence, whether it be hiking in the countryside or cycling through the hills of France

Once on holiday, travellers aren’t keen to drive or use any form of transport that isn’t eco-friendly. In big cities, public transport is unavoidable, however, many visitors are choosing to walk, or rent e-bikes and e-scooters over anything else. Hotels and residences that take advantage of this, such as providing electric charging ports, or providing guests with directions to the nearest scooter docks, will be far more popular with visitors. 

The Future with Nestor

At Nestor, we hold sustainability as one of our core values and are constantly striving to make our properties more environmentally friendly. When staying at any of our centrally located properties, guests are just a short distance from major attractions and amenities, reducing the need for cars or public transportation. 

Within our homes, we use reusable and refillable toiletries and recycled products and aim to work with brands that share these goals. All properties are spacious and comfortable, designed as a home away from home for everyone who stays with us. For each booking made, a tree is planted, to represent the significant positive impact we can have on the environment by doing little things. 

More Trees
Providing a more sustainable approach to travel

Other Green-friendly Initiatives

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