Are you dreaming of a summer getaway in a popular European summer travel destination?

Summer is already upon us and with the pandemic fading into the distance, travel is on the cards for everyone. Staying close to home is advisable given the excellent and fast routes to Europe from London, from where you can be sipping a cocktail on the beach in the South of France or living out your ABBA dreams on a Greek island before you know it. 

If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at our guide for the most popular places to jet off to this summer and you’ll be on your way to booking a fantastic holiday in no time. 


Greece is on everyone’s bucket list due to its rich history, beautiful islands, beaches and Mediterranean food. Athens is a top choice this summer, where you’ll find ancient sights to explore such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, which are perfect for any history lover. For those of you who are searching for a relaxing break, the Greek Islands are not to be missed. 

You can visit the more famous islands of Mykonos and Santorini for picture-perfect views and turquoise blue oceans, or head to some of the lesser-known islands such as Naxos or Ios for the same natural beauty with fewer crowds. 

If you have time on your hands, cruising around the islands is a fun and easy way to explore more of Greece. The country is well-known for both its food and wine, so make sure to try the excellent salads, cheeses, fresh fish and olives which are native to Greece and perhaps bring home a bottle or two of Greek wine to remind you of your holidays. 

Most places across Greece are very accessible from West London and direct flights from Heathrow regularly head to Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu, where you can quickly hop on a boat to smaller islands. We’ll see you on the beach!


Portugal is on everyone’s lips right now. With the country having finally lifted travel restrictions the vibrant cities and beaches here make a great summer trip just a few hours from London.

Lisbon is the thriving heart of the country where you can try the famous Pastel de Nata, explore the hilly streets via tram and snap photos of the unique, colourful architecture. 

Elsewhere the cities of Faro and Porto make for quieter but no less beautiful holidays. In Faro, you can wander the famous white streets which are decorated with colourful flowers and in Porto find a rooftop bar for views across the ocean.

Make time for a trip to Sintra to visit the area’s stunning yellow and red castle, Palacio Nacional de Pena, where you can learn about the history of the area and take in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. 

A road trip is the best way to see Portugal and if you have a week or so, cruising down the coast will give you a chance to explore the country at your own pace. If you’re searching for a little more adventure, the Azores are just off the west coast and are home to mountains, volcanoes and jungle. 

Flights from Heathrow fly non-stop to Lisbon, Faro and Porto, while you’ll only have one short stopover if you’re heading to Madeira. 


Malta is ever-popular with British tourists and it is small enough to visit at a weekend, although we recommend visiting for longer if you can. The historic island is packed with things to see and do. 

Start in the ancient fort capital of Valletta where you can explore churches and learn about the city’s part in the war. Take a harbour cruise to see Malta’s three cities – it’s a great way to get out of the heat and get to know the country. 

Just twenty minutes from Valletta, you’ll find an even more ancient city called Mdina, known as the Silent City, this ancient walled town will remind you of something from a movie – because in fact, many movies such as Gladiator, were filmed here. 

After a day of exploring in the heat, you can look forward to some of Malta’s best scenery. Malta has two other islands, Gozo and Comino, which are not only home to beautiful landscapes and walking trails, but incredibly blue Mediterranean Sea and soft beaches. 

Take a cruise to the famous Blue Lagoon in Comino to swim in crystal clear waters and explore caves and marine life. Boat cruises are the best way to make the most of Malta’s location in the middle of the Med and chill out for a while. 

Once again, Malta is easy to reach from London. Affordable, direct flights to Valletta depart frequently from Heathrow and you’ll be touching down to warm weather and palm trees in just over three hours. 

South of France

Everyone dreams of heading to the French Riviera for the summer but you can make it a reality very easily. Head out of London to get the ferry across to France or take the Eurostar to Paris before catching a local train down south, getting there has never been easier. The Cote d’Azur is where you want to be for pretty beaches and sparkling blue waters. 

Top destinations are Nice, Cannes and St Tropez, all of which will satisfy your sunshine cravings. These are the spots where everyone who is anyone spends their summer so while you’re soaking up the sun, or sipping a spritz on your balcony, you might just spot a celebrity or two. 

St. Tropez is favoured for its two beaches, Tahiti Plage and Pampelonne and despite famous faces and expensive brands moving in, it has retained its classic elegance and architecture. 

Nice is particularly popular due to its close proximity to Monaco, the playground of the rich and famous. If you’re looking for a unique evening, Monaco can be reached by bus and you will quickly be surrounded by beautiful yachts, cars and people, not to mention great food and activities. 

Alternatively, Aix en Provence is the perfect base from which to travel to the picturesque towns scattered across the south.

Check out our guide to the South of France for more details and inspo!

West London – the gateway to Europe

No matter where you decide to go for your summer break, London makes a convenient base from which to fly, drive or take the train. We have a range of high-quality apartments across West London, where you can spend time before embarking on an adventure. 

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