Travelling to London for medical reasons? Our properties near Cromwell Hospital offer the best in comfort, convenience, and accessibility.

For decades, London has been delivering world-class healthcare for patients from every corner of the globe. Every year, thousands travel to the UK’s capital with families and loved ones in search of the finest medical and healthcare expertise.

Cromwell Hospital in London’s Kensington area is one of the most sought-after medical facilities in the city and is consistently rated as one of the best centres of excellence for medical practice in the world. 

For patients travelling to London for treatment at Cromwell Hospital, choosing the right accommodation is one of the important decisions you can make as you plan your visit. The right choice of stay can aid a patient’s preparation and recovery, and ensure that the visit is as convenient, comfortable, and stress-free as possible.

Nestor’s Carlyle Apartments And Knaresborough Studios, A Stone’s Throw From Cromwell Hospital

Nestor offers two accommodations close to Cromwell Hospital. 

The Carlyle apartments in Earl’s Court offer unrivalled living quality, with spacious and airy two and three-bedroom apartments in the heart of Kensington. Guests can enjoy sizeable living areas, fully equipped kitchens, roomy bathrooms with accessibility aids, and all the privileges of comfort that best serve the patient and their family.

The Knaresborough provides stylish Kensington studios, where sleek modernity serves as the perfect base for visitors to London’s Cromwell Hospital. Each studio is fitted with ultra-comfortable double beds, kitted-out kitchenettes, and spacious ensuite bathrooms.

Why Stay At The Carlyle & The Knaresborough

Distance From Cromwell Hospital

Both the Carlyle Hotel and The Knaresborough are a stone’s throw from Cromwell Hospital. Patients can travel door to door in just three minutes by car, and each accommodation is only a minute’s walk from the hospital.

Being near to their treatment centre ensures that patients minimise their physical strain when visiting the hospital for procedures or pre/post-operative checkups, and have immediate access to medical services in case of emergencies or complications.

It also means that families and caregivers who stay at the accommodations can easily travel between the hospital and the apartments to visit, fetch belongings or attend to personal matters.


Our fully serviced accommodations meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. A clean environment, including sanitised floors, clean towels, and fresh bedsheets, is of critical importance to the recovery process.

Nestor’s uncompromising approach to providing a sanitised and hygienic living space ensures that guests can recover in a clean and comfortable environment without further risking their health. 


The Carlyle and The Knaresborough buildings have been designed with accessibility as a primary concern. The premises have ramps leading to their entrances, spacious lifts for easy access to and from the apartments, and interior layouts that make it easy for guests to move from space to space within the accommodation.

The roads servicing the buildings have plenty of space for taxis and cars to park and are easily accessible by ambulance and other emergency vehicles.

Comfort & Style

No expense has been spared when it comes to providing comfort to all our guests and their families. Beds, sitting areas, bathroom facilities, and all in-house furnishings are sourced from premium-quality providers with an emphasis on comfort, so patients can recuperate in a wholly restful environment. 

In addition, we believe that our elegant and unassuming designs can contribute a great deal to a patient’s mental wellbeing, and ease some of the mental fatigue that often comes with medical trips.

Foods, Groceries & Supplies

Access to healthy, nutritious foods that meet the patient’s dietary requirements is essential for a speedy recovery. 

Around The Carlyle and The Knaresborough, such options are plentiful. High-quality choices such as the Fait Maison Salon de Thé, whose menu includes healthy Middle-Eastern breakfast options, are just around the corner, and can also be delivered to your door. Several other Middle-Eastern cuisines are also within walking and delivery distance. 

The kitchens in our accommodations are well-equipped, giving patients and caregivers everything they need to prepare nutritious meals without leaving the comforts of home. Plenty of grocery stores and supermarkets in the area provide everything needed to prepare a nutritious meal and cater to a balanced or specialised diet. Many stores also offer door-to-door delivery of fresh ingredients through services such as deliveroo or uber-eats.

Stores also stock many of the essential provisions that caregivers may need to tend to a patient’s recovery, including specialised soaps and toiletries, while pharmacies in the area can easily fill and renew a patient’s prescription without long waiting times. 

Cromwell Hospital: One Of The World’s Top Destinations For Medical Tourism

The United Kingdom continues to attract many thousands of overseas patients from regions such as the Middle East, as the city continues to invest in medical technology, research, transport, and a-la-carte healthcare services. Increasing numbers of people are choosing the UK’s capital to be treated by the leading doctors and medical consultants in their field.

Internationally-acclaimed institutions such as Cromwell Hospital offer diagnosis, quick response teams, first and second opinions, and cutting-edge treatments. Cromwell Hospital is consistently rated as one of the best centres of excellence for medical practice in the world, covering the full range of healthcare services and medical treatments. 

Visiting Cromwell Hospital?

If you’re travelling to London to attend treatment at Cromwell Hospital, be sure to let us know! We’ll make every effort to accommodate your special needs and ensure that your visit is as hospitable, comfortable, and convenient as possible. 

Give us a call on +44 20 3695 1065 so we can make the necessary arrangements!