Here at Nestor, we’re wishing all our guests and partners a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead. 2021 certainly threw some curveballs our way, but we’re happy to say we hit each of them out of the park! We’re now gearing up to tackle a brand new set of exciting challenges in a year that we hope will be pivotal in our company’s growth.

Nestor is in an excellent position to capitalise on 2022’s market conditions and resulting opportunities, and we’re happy to share five of the areas that we’re looking forward to as we embark on the new year ahead.

Sustainability Across Our Whole Business

At Nestor, we believe that sustainability plays a key role in enhancing the guest experience, and is an integral part of the modern travel and hospitality industry. After all, we need a green, healthy planet for future generations to explore. 

We also know that going green is a collective effort. Since our founding and with the help of our ethical suppliers, we’ve offered our guests the blissful eco-escapes they’re seeking, with the peace of mind of knowing they’re doing their part to save the planet.

And in 2022 we’re going a step further, making sustainability a make-or-break selection criteria for all our partners as we close in on our objective of transitioning to a completely sustainable supply chain by the end of 2022. 

We also believe that being demanding of our suppliers and taking an uncompromising stance on our selection policy will help increase brand recognition and awareness for our partners, bolstering support for local, sustainable businesses.

We can’t wait for our guests to enjoy our eco-friendly homes and in-house supplies this year.

New Hotels & Apartments

Thanks in part to its credentials as one of Europe’s greenest capitals, interest in London as a destination is surging. Likewise, we’ve seen a rush of demand for our unique accommodations that meet the modern traveller’s expectations of style and sustainability.

In 2022, we’ll meet this burgeoning demand by revealing a cluster of chic new apartments and hotels in West London. Our new properties will be more sustainable than ever, whilst maintaining our high standard of stylish, lasting design and contemporary layouts that help our guests create a home away from home.

We look forward to revealing our new first-rate lineup of accommodations and hotels and welcoming more guests to enjoy the best that London has to offer in 2022. 

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

We’ve been watching with interest as the rise of cryptocurrency has continued to change the way companies do business. From payments to investments and even art, crypto and blockchain are playing an increasingly important role in the lives of many of our guests and partners.

To bring us in line with the blockchain world, this year we’re looking to onboard several crypto payment methods. Crypto solutions have the potential to empower the unbanked in developing countries, reduce transaction times to mere seconds, and slash excessive processing fees. We’ll then be able to pass those savings to our guests and put more money back into our properties and technologies.

Mark Hudson is one of Nestor’s co-founders and an early-stage investor in the crypto and NFT world. He says:

At Nestor, we always aim to be at the cutting edge of new consumer trends and due to the fast-growing adoption of blockchain technology, especially from gen-Z, we are reviewing a number of options for accepting payment in crypto.”

In addition, we are looking at how we can incorporate NFTs into our guest experience and given the excitement around the Metaverse following the Facebook announcement, this may even play a part in our plans as well.

We’re also in conversation with several blockchain OTAs and hope that in 2022 we can land long-term partnerships that will help us further reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

A further point of interest for Nestor is blockchain’s potential for increased transparency and verification in the supply chain. We’ll use this year to explore how smart contracts can help us improve quality control, ensure contract compliance, and even potentially empower our guests to check the origins of our in-house supplies.

A Technology-Focused Company

Nestor’s business is about providing enriching physical experiences, but it’s equally about technology, and how we use it to enhance the guest experience and make the right choices for our company.  

This year, we’ll continue to analyse data across every area of our business in pursuit of returning maximum value to guests and property owners. So much of our success to date has been down to our ability to gain insights through data. In 2022, those insights will help us stay one step ahead of the market and inform key business decisions such as where to focus our resources.

We’ll also continue to work hard on improving our technologies: everything from front-facing technologies such as Nestor’s booking system, in-house and experiential technologies such as smart-locks, and back-end technologies that we can use to further improve our understanding of the business, increase demand and extract maximum value from every booking.

Planting 1,000 New Trees

Decades of booming economic growth has taken a toll on the world’s environment, with millions of trees felled and habitats destroyed. As a company focused on sustainability, we want to go several steps further than simply improving our supply chain and using green energy. In our effort to give back to the planet in an even more meaningful way, we recently partnered with More Trees.

More Trees
Providing a more sustainable approach to travel

The idea is simple. They plant a tree for every booking made on our website. We love what More Trees stands for: the revitalisation of our wildlife. This initiative is about extending and restoring our natural habitats and providing space for forestry to flourish. 

As a guest, the best way to help us achieve our target of 1,000 trees planted in 2022 is to book your stay directly on our website. You’ll not only get the best rates and finest stays in West London, but you’ll also offset your carbon footprint and populate the planet with some much-needed greenwood for centuries ahead!

We are excited about the endless possibilities that 2022 may bring and we can’t wait to keep on growing the Nestor family!

If you’d like to chat with us about any of our properties, or about our sustainability practices, don’t hesitate to contact us!