Have a look at our picks of four of the best musicals playing in London’s West End right now.

Wicked – Apollo Victoria

Ever since audiences first strode into London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre to witness the first-ever showing of Wicked in 2004, it’s been an instant classic. Based on “The Wicked Years” series of books, which itself draws on L Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizards Of Oz”, this spellbinding musical tells the backstory of two young women who go on to become The Wicked Witch of the West and her arch-foe, The Good Witch. 

For fifteen years, this evergreen show in London’s West End has continued to astonish and stupify theatre goers. The show boasts a couple of soaring ballads that feature the bewitching female leads taking flight into the stratosphere in style. Needless to say, little expense has been spared in concocting this masterful production. 

London Apollo Victoria
London Apollo Victoria

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Mary Poppins – Prince Edward Theatre

Can you think of anything more timeless than visiting a showing of Mary Poppins in London’s West End? After fifteen years away, news winds have blown this quintessentially British show back into the West End’s Prince Edward Theatre, to rapturous applause from its family audience. 

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins

It’s a heartwarming, familiar musical that features the “practically perfect” Mary Poppins as she looks after the forever-astonished Banks children. She uses a magical mix of spellwork, enchantment and rollicking to teach them life lessons that they, nor you, will ever forget. If you’re looking for a modern telling of old-fashioned morals, this gorgeously told kids’ story disguised as a mega-budget family musical won’t disappoint

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Back To The Future – Adelphi Theatre

This stage musical of the 1980’s cult-classic film has been a spectacular and hilarious success since it came screeching into London’s West End at the Adelphi Theatre. The story is that of Marty McFly, who is jettisoned back to 1955 in a time machine by the kooky scientist, Doc Brown. Marty inadvertently triggers a series of events that look set to alter the course of history forever. 

Back To The Future - Adelphi Theatre
Back To The Future – Adelphi Theatre

And now, the increasingly flustered McFly is in a race against time to turn back the clocks, mend his errors, and send himself back to the future. More than anything, the show is a visual masterpiece, and the overhauled DeLorean time-travel car is a triumph of theatre unlike any other you’ll ever see without a time machine. 

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The Book of Mormon – Prince of Wales Theatre

From South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone comes a nine-time Tony Award-winning musical that has rocked London’s theatres for nearly a decade and counting. This laugh-out-loud musical follows two Mormon boys, Elder Cunningham and Elder Price, as they are sent on a church mission about as far away from Salt Lake City, Utah as they could ever have expected. 

The pair attempt to spread the word of their church to the people of a small Ugandan town, to hilarious and riotous results. This is an original, spectacular Broadway musical staged right in the heart of London’s West End. If it’s mischievous entertainment you’re after, look no further than multi-awarded The Book of Mormon. You’ll get explosive laughs, melancholy, and witty lyrics thrown in for good measure. 

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