For our lovely guests who’ve stayed at The Warwick, one of our hotels in Victoria, London, the gallery walls above the beds are a design favourite. We’re going to show you how to make a gallery wall of your own, inspired by the Warwick hotel, Victoria

Each room in this boutique hotel in London has its own unique selection of artworks, carefully selected and arranged by G-something, an amazing London-based interior design company. If you’re inspired by this London boutique hotel’s design style, why not create something similar in your own bedroom! 
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So… How to actually make a gallery wall like at the Warwick?

With our simple guide on how to make a gallery wall, your next interior design statement couldn’t be easier! Follow our steps to create a gallery wall and you can enjoy a little boutique hotel living at home.

First up, decide where you want your gallery wall. At the Warwick you can find them over the beds, which really pulls together the bedrooms. 

Once you’ve settled on your space, measure the dimensions. You’ll need to consider these when finding your artworks. 

At this point, it’s also helpful to take note of the rest of the room – what are the dominant colours? Your gallery wall will be most cohesive if you have a colour palette in mind when picking out your prints. 

We use around 4-5 prints at The Warwick in a variety of sizes, but this is up to you and how big your space is. We’d recommend 1 or 2 larger prints to anchor the wall, plus a few smaller prints. 

Now it’s time to get creative and start collecting your artworks and it really doesn’t have to be expensive! Maybe you pick up a postcard from an art exhibition you enjoyed, or cut a page from a fashion magazine you like. You could even save a pretty birthday card from someone you love for a little extra meaning. 

For your bigger artworks, we’d suggest looking online for inexpensive, graphic prints. Iamfy has a huge range of relatively inexpensive prints that you can even buy pre-framed. 

Now it’s time to find your frames. Measure up your prints and look for frames big enough for each print, plus a ‘mount’. Mounting your artworks will make them look really elevated. 

When looking for frames, you can mix up colours and styles, although we recommend 2 or 3 colours to avoid your gallery wall looking a little messy. 

If you have time, eBay is a great place to find unique frames inexpensively. Otherwise, IKEA is a great option for black, white or wooden frames. They come in all different sizes so you won’t have any issues finding the right size frame for your print. 

Get your dimensions from earlier and lay out a space on the floor to match your wall size. Start to play with the layout of your frames until you find something you like. Your best bet is starting with a bigger piece and working out from there. 

Once you’ve found the perfect layout, it’s time to hang your artworks! Match up your layout on the wall, stand back and admire your handiwork! 

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